Diablo III

Extremely Good
Based on 3 reviews
Platform PC
Release Date 2012-05-15
Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment

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Reviews for Diablo III

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GnomeAnarchy's review of Diablo III


Clicking Sim 2K12

For being a now 3 year old game, in 2015 it still holds up with amazing graphics, deep and captivating lore, and great gameplay. With the reaper of souls expansion, you're looking at hours of fun.

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upfish's review of Diablo III


It's The Grind

At its core Diablo is a game about killing demons and getting loot. It accomplishes both these in ways that make for hours of fun for any type of gamer.

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Nitro73's review of Diablo III


Rewlly good, but not great.

Blizzard took what we liked about Diablo and gave it a facelift. Most of it was good, but poor design choices sullied it for me. Limiting the skills you can put on a hotbar is annoying. Fun classes.

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