Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Extremely Good
Based on 3 reviews
Platform 3DS
Release Date 2013-06-09
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo

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Reviews for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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GnomeAnarchy's review of Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Good thing your pockets fit chairs

New Leaf is one of the best instalments of the Animal Crossing series. In this game you're the mayor of a town and you get to help it flourish and grow. This is a great game for anyone and everyone.

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Dazzaster's review of Animal Crossing: New Leaf


One more time

Once again you're in debt to the purgatorial Raccoon Mafia. Once again you'll be shaking trees and catching bugs to pay your bills. Once again, you'll love it.

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upfish's review of Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Best so far but still a ways to go

You're the mayor. You have some town customization opts. Decent multiplayer. Still no dedicated space for tools and still gets a bit stale in the late game. Easily best of the series, though.

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