Clash of Clans Update

If you're a clasher like me, then I'm sure you're looking forward to the new update SuperCell is releasing in the coming days. So what exciting new stuff is in the update? Find our here!

So first up, here is a list of additions and changes confirmed by SuperCell:

Dragon level 5 available at TH10

This will definitely be a game changer. Since the addition of the air sweeper in the last update the very powerful lavaloonion attack (lava hounds, balloons and minions) has lost a lot of popularity since a well placed air sweeper can break the attack pretty easily. Expect to see a lot more dragons on both war and the higher leagues.

Second Air Sweeper

And to compensate for the new high level dragons, there will be a second air sweeper introduced at TH9. This will help a lot with defending from air attacks, as only having one air sweeper makes a huge difference, but it only faces a single direction. I can't wait to see how they work when they both face the same direction as well...

Some UI Changes

Loads of changes to the UI, making it easier to open your barracks (there is a new button on the left side underneath the war button), as well as a new way to switch between barracks and see your entire army.

New Leagues

The update will include two new leagues, Titan (4100-4999) and Legend (5000+). Legend has a a special trophy tournament that resets every month. However you placed in trophy league last season will be shown on the shield. Every trophy you gain above 5000 is put in a section called "Legend Trophies", and this number accumulates over all seasons.

And, a few rumours:

There will be 3 new spells, which will be made in a brand new dark spells factory! Namely earthquake, poison and haste. Who knows what they do? Guess we will have to wait a couple of days to find out!

Lightning spells no longer damage storages. This will be great to stop people form zapping your dark elixir storage

So that's about it for now, unless SuperCell announce some more stuff in today or tomorrow. Expect the update to be avaiable on the 30th June 2015. Clash on!

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Clash of Clans Update